Hong Xue

Managing Partner of VXP; partner of Cybernaut Investment

Hong (Henry) Xue is the Managing Partner of VXP and a partner of Cybernaut Investment based in Silicon Valley. His investment focuses including Big Data and Cloud technologies; Blockchain and FinTech; Artificial Intelligence; Cyber Security; Internet of Things and HealthTech. Hong Xue has invested in 30 Silicon Valley startups, including three exits. Some of his portfolio companies include CyberFend (acquired by Akamai), Virtriod (acquired by Magic Leap), ObEN (ICO Token PAI) , Manifold, ScaleFlux, CaiCloud, GraphSQL, Directly, Oculii, VisualThreat, Sentieon, Kateeva, Apostel, Skymind, LeanFM etc. Hong Xue is a entrepreneurs' mentor at Standford University and Carnegie Mellon University. He has more than 20 years of experience across engineering, product management, business development, and venture capital investment. His earlier professional experience includes technology management position in companies such as Oracle and Motorola.