Ariel Liu

Himalaya, COO

Ximalaya is the largest and fastest growing online audio platform started in China. It has more than 470 Million installs and over 100 Million audios on the platform.

Ariel is the COO of Ximalaya US (Himalaya). She is focusing on international market growth and operation. She is also actively looking for top influencers and strategic partners to introduce premium English content to China audio market, including but not limited to: podcast, online courses and audio books.

Prior to joining Himalaya, Ariel worked at Accenture Consulting to help clients from Fortune Global 500 with their international growth and collaboration efficiency. There she received Accenture Inventor Award and several US patents. She also led the global expansion of The ONE Smart Piano, which was named the 2017 Best Learning Gadgets of the Year by the Washington Times.