Jin Shang

President, Information China

Shang Jin, Ph.D., graduated from Colorado University in the United States and University of Leicester in UK, obtained double degrees of Bachelor of Arts in International Communication/Communication, double degrees of Master of Arts/Science in Communication, a Ph.D. in Digital Economics, and then stayed as a university lecturer. He entered the SDP project of the Internet Research Institute of Oxford university as a researcher in 2009, entered the School of Government of Peking university for postdoctoral research work in Applied Economics in 2011, and entered China National School of Administration for postdoctoral research work in Network Political Economics after passing the assessment by the Expert Committee of the Graduate School in 2017.

Currently, he serves as the president of the Information China Press under the national development and reform commission, the president of the Information China Development Research Institute, the secretary general of the Huimin Branch of the China Information Association, the secretary general of the China Regional Economic Research Center of Peking University, the deputy secretary general of the China Regional Science Association of Peking University, the specially invited deputy director of the Smart City Research Center of Peking University, and the special master of engineering supervisor of the Information Institute of Renmin University of China, specially invited researcher of China Smart City Development Research Center of National Information Center, director of Credit System Certification Center of Small Town with Chinese Characteristics of China Credit System Construction Promotion Engineering Office, member of Academic Committee and director of Investment Research Committee of China Research Government and Social Capital Cooperation Research Institute of School Planning and Development Center of Ministry of Education, standing director and vice president of Modern Education Research Institute of Ministry of Civil Affairs, member of Key Special Expert Database of Internet of Things and Smart City of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, member of National Expert Database of Science and Technology of Ministry of Science and Technology, member of Science and Technology Evaluation Expert Panel of Beijing Science and Technology Commission, and deputy director of Software Innovation and Entrepreneurship Service Center of Weifang National High-tech Zone (temporary technical position).