Mark Paylyukovskyy

Co-founder & CEO, Piper Inc

Born in the Ukraine and educated in America and the UK, Mark has always been a tinkerer, naturally interested in finding creative ways to solve problems. Mark attended Princeton University and The University of Oxford. Working as a biologist, Mark went to Ghana and used video games to teach kids about public health. However, he found out that the reason public health wasn’t so good there was not because of any lack of knowledge, but rather the lack of infrastructure and tools necessary for change. The trip to Africa led him to be inspired to change his focus at The University of Oxford, towards the early prototypes of what became Piper.

Mark Pavlyukovskyy wanted to create a product that would empower kids to build the technology they want to use. Piper makes a computer kit that allows anyone 7+ to build and program their first computer. Through a Minecraft-like game, kids are immersed in a 3D adventure that lets them build and program the game as they play it. Piper has raised over $10M in venture funding and have shipped tens of thousands of computer kits all over the world. Over 1000 schools use Piper as part of their daily curriculum to teach kids about engineering, coding and design thinking.