Qiang Bai

Co-Founder & Executive Director, Sports Value Foundation; Chairman & CEO, Sport 8 International Ltd.;Senior Partner,GreenTech Investment Group.

• Ph.D. candidate, Mathematical Statistics, Purdue University. BS , Mathematics, University of Science and Technology of China. • Co-founder and Executive Director of Sports Value Foundation (Singapore), creating vSport, the first public blockchain for global sports industry. vSport’s token VSC is now being public traded at CoinBene and BCEX two exchanges. • Co-founder and CEO of Sport 8 which is the largest international football platform covering the whole country of China since 2014. • Co-founder & Former VP of IFLYTEK (the largest speech technology company in the world, the NO.1 public traded AI company in Asia ). • Investor & Producer of the first 3D music movie of China which won the best 3D movie of year in 2012. • One of the most recognised players in RFID industry between U.S and China as the CTO of uniViiew Technologies Corp, and got the Dallas based company listed at NASDAQ in 2004. • Founding member of an Internet startup Network Solution which got listed at NASDAQ in 1998. • Founder of the first Chinese Internet portal, which was one of the most successful web sites worldwide in the middle 90s.