China-US Leadership Development Foundation

China-US Leadership Development Foundation has been registered in America in July 2016. The foundation is a non-government and non-profit organization, which is supported or funded by other institution, group, or social organization.

Under the leadership of Dr. Sunny Lee, who is the founding partner, and the strong executive power, profound cultural foundation and social relations of the team, in addition to the profound Chinese entrepreneur resources, good media relations and all kinds of influential strategic partnership, the foundation is promoting the Chinese and American business developing in a healthy, mutual benefited and win-win trend, strengthening the deep cooperation and exchange in the areas like investment, visit between business leaders / youth leaders / the rich and pioneering second generation, the educational visit of adolescents, the movement of Chinese brands into the United States and the peer advisory groups etc.

China-US Leadership Development Foundation is interested in providing resources and platform support for individuals, organizations and institutions that contribute to Sino-US relations and Sino-US cooperation, as well as related professional services.