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The Silicon Valley Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum cordially invites individuals, companies, and organizations world-wide to apply for the 2019 SVIEF Top 30 Innovation Awards, an annual program that celebrates the top innovation ideas that will change the tomorrow.

This year, we’re looking for technological breakthroughs across 9 categories including AI, IOT, Biotech, Smart Material and Sustainable Energy, Smart Home, Vehicle Intelligence and Self-driving Technology, SAAS and Mobile Internet, Robotics and Wearable Technologies. Innovations should go far beyond marginal improvements in existing products and services. An elite panel of judges composed with the SVIEF Chairmen and Chairwomen, the SVIEF Advisory Board and the SVIEF Organizing Committee will review submissions. Winners will be awarded at the 2019 SVIEF Tech Night Award Ceremony on September 7th.

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Sheep For more than six years, ACTON's (www.acton.space) goal is to provide the best multimodal transportation solutions for ride-share operators, large properties and cities. We have thousands of small mobility solutions on the streets of over 100 countries. ACTON has won numerous awards all over the world and received more than over 70 patents in the micromobility space.


Sheep AI enhanced robotic mobility solutions based on a lightweight and portable SLAM software package.


Sheep A Cultivation Management Platform (CMP) built by growers, for growers.

Bot3, Inc

Sheep Bot3 VSLAM algorithm is vision-and odometry-based, which provides low-cost autonomous navigation.

Dilili Labs

Sheep Dilili Brainframe software platform analyzes real-time video streams for users to have a deep understanding of their customers, products, and service so that businesses can scale the operations. By leveraging existing video surveillance infrastructure, our system integrator customers can deploy the system to help businesses to acquire critical information for mass operation at a low cost that is impossible to achieve without recent technology breakthrough on computing and deep learning.


Sheep DinoPlusAI will be the platform of choice for next gen AI applications where latency, performance and power matters, such as AR/VR, NLP, gaming, 5G, industrial automation, autonomous driving, cybersecurity and FinTech. As demonstrated in recent benchmarking in applications such as speech recognition, DinoPlusAI achieved similar performance with order of magnitude better in cost and power compared to the existing state-of-art solution.

DxChain Network

Sheep DxChain is the world’s first decentralized big data and machine learning network powered by a computing-centric blockchain. Through the revolutionary “Chains-on-chain” architecture, DxChain provides a comprehensive solution for data storage and computing problems, with an emphasis on privacy and security.


Sheep Flivery is a drone software and operation solution company to provide instant food delivery service by using autonomous drones. It is much cheaper and much faster than the delivery service we are using today. Flivery is the first-ever fully autonomous solution for drone delivery. Our solution requires almost zero ground space and no physical interaction between the drone and the user, so it is very safe and easy for expansion. Flivery is a revolution for instant delivery.


Sheep This project studies the key technologies of cross-industry consumer artificial intelligence big data + value empowerment in the middle, taking the automotive industry as the first example, extending to the vertical field of more industrial chain integration, demonstrating that the technology is achieving “+ artificial intelligence and large data".

iGlass 5G

Sheep iGlass USA inc is a leading Silicon Valley display technology company providing innovative giant-screen-size, small-form-factor, ultra-light-weight AR/XR smart glasses, with ultra-high image quality at affordable consumer price. Its XGlass provides Mobile Giant Screen for smart phones or gaming consoles, works as Monitor screen, LCD TV, Laser TV and Movie Theater screen replacement, provides theater experience for passengers on airplane, train, bus, or electrical car.

Inspirit IoT

Sheep Inspirit-IoT enables the real-time edge deployment of AI, through advanced DNN technology applied across multiple platforms. The company and technology is focused on worksite safety and efficiency.

Integem Inc.

Sheep Integem develops AI-based Holographic AR platform with 10+ patents and 3 trademarks. Our technology platform will revolutionize education, marketing & advertisement, healthcare, games and movies, e-commerce, etc. Our service addressable market size is over $100Billion. Our first product is in education and is gcenerating substantial revenue and profit. we have 10 times revenue growth over last year.


Sheep InteMedic is dedicated to providing clinical pathologists with advanced digital pathology and AI-enhanced CADx solutions to facilitate quick and accurate diagnostics, enabling data-driven medical discoveries and education. Based on breakthrough technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing and big data analysis, the company focuses on developing and manufacturing highly-automated digital slide scanning and application systems. These products can significantly lower the technical challenges for diagnosing complicated diseases such as tumors, while also crucially increasing the quality, repeatability and affordability of medical diagnosis, which could lead to faster and better treatment.

Magic Weaver

Sheep We integrate 3D graphics, AI, and computer vision to develop a highly efficient and scalable pipeline for human body data acquisition. Simply use any smartphone to take 2 photographs to get your accurate 3D model.

Medic AI

Sheep Medic-AI is the world leader in providing voice-based pill dispensary hardware solutions. We combine the latest in voice-AI space with the existing pill-dispensary products to add smart-ai to these products.


Sheep NovuMind helps companies put the power of AI into their products. The NovuTensor chip, along with a full stack of AI solutions, enables OEMs to embed deep learning inference capability, even in applications where power or network access are limited. Led by AI industry pioneer Ren Wu, the NovuMind team has expertise in machine learning, chip design, and high-performance computing. The company’s headquarters and R&D are located in Santa Clara, with additional offices in Beijing and Guangzhou.


Sheep PETcoil brings positron emission tomography (PET) imaging into over 50,000 magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners worldwide.

Pix Moving

Sheep We are a team provide autonomous driving chassis as platform for different business promo their business into autonomous driving. We also use large scale of metal 3D printing to manufacturing our chassis.


Sheep Each month, over 2 million photographers from around the world use our flagship app, Polarr Photo Editor, to create amazing photos. This is what we do. Polarr is a modern photography company whose focus is to give all photographers the professional tools and resources they need to create their best work possible.


Sheep PROTXX innovations in wearable sensors and machine learning allow tiny irregularities in a person’s balance to be detected and used as digital biomarkers for earlier detection and more precise quantification of treatment and rehabilitation outcomes for injuries, diseases, and age-related disorders. Our B2B platform-as-a-service solution is being sold into the rapidly expanding market for preventive health care, where it is gaining recognition as a powerful new digital health vital sign.


Sheep Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, ROBOTERRA develops creative robotic products, designed to stimulate creativity and cultivate the next generation of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) talent. ROBOTERRA’s robotics kits and software are designed to motivate students to learn about science, while providing a foundation for tech-driven careers.


Sheep SILKRIDES is the autonomous driving team at SERES. The team has an OEM carmaker heritage with Silicon Valley software roots to provide a “Tesla like,” cost competitive, and open autonomy solution for carmakers. Established in 2017, SILKRIDES has demonstrated Level 3 and Level 4 autonomous driving in urban and highway scenarios.

Soteria Battery Innovation Group

Sheep Soteria’s architecture starts with a separator that will never ever melt or shrink, so any damage or defect will never get bigger. The current collector, made of metallized plastic, breaks down and retreats when it experiences the intense current densities associated with a short, stopping the flow of energy and arresting thermal runaway within microseconds of the initial short circuit. Soteria has formed an open consortium of companies, working together to advance the technology and adoption.

TacSense Inc.

Sheep TacSense Inc. is pioneering the best flexible pressure sensor using nanoscopic iontronic film (i.e. “ionic” + “electronic”) that integrates seamlessly with state-of-the-art microelectronics, and is ideally suited to pressure and force mapping applications of various surface topologies and geometries. With excellent sensitivity, real-time response, high stability over extended cycles of pressure/force loads, simple device architecture, optical transparency, and easily available large-scale manufacturing capabilities at low cost, TacSense sensors are clearly superior to existing capacitive sensors.

Xvisio Technology Corp.



Sheep Yuneec is a global electric aviation technology pioneer and #2 in the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle market for drones. Yuneec is able to provide a full stack solution, manufacturing and selling drones at scale. Yuneec’s business spans from working as an ODM to provide products to customers like Intel and Horizon Hobby, to consumer drones sold at BestBuy, Media Markt or Otto and to working with partners like 3DR on Commercial solutions based on our H520 platform.


Sheep Zendure is a charging technology company based in Silicon Valley in the USA and the Greater Bay Area in China. Zendure was launched in 2013 with the goal of developing products that exceed customer expectations. Today, Zendure sells in dozens of countries around the world. We regularly deliver innovative products that surprise and delight our rapidly-growing customer base, from our incredibly durable SuperCord cables to our rockstar power bank SuperTank.

  • Filling out the form with any supporting documentation by Aug 10, 2019, 6 p.m. (PST).
  • Supporting documents are optional but highly recommended. Acceptable materials include research papers, examples of media coverage and testimonials from third-party sources or customers, short video presentations, etc.
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  • Does the project involves technology breakthroughs or pioneering ideas or process in its field?
  • Does it go beyond marginal improvements on things that already exists?
  • Will it have a wide impact and the potential of commercialization in its field or on future technology?

  • Medical innovations requiring FDA approval in the U.S. (or the equivalent in other countries) should have received such approval before being submitted to this contest. We will not consider innovations that are still in clinical trials because the eventual outcome of the trials is unknown.
  • For questions, please contact SVIEF at info@svtic.com