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Sheep PROTXX innovations in wearable sensors and machine learning allow tiny irregularities in a person’s balance to be detected and used as digital biomarkers for earlier detection and more precise quantification of treatment and rehabilitation outcomes for injuries, diseases, and age-related disorders. Our B2B platform-as-a-service solution is being sold into the rapidly expanding market for preventive health care, where it is gaining recognition as a powerful new digital health vital sign.


Integem Inc.

Sheep Integem develops AI-based Holographic AR platform with 10+ patents and 3 trademarks. Our technology platform will revolutionize education, marketing & advertisement, healthcare, games and movies, e-commerce, etc. Our service addressable market size is over $100Billion. Our first product is in education and is gcenerating substantial revenue and profit. we have 10 times revenue growth over last year.



Sheep Unnatural blue light from LED’s, and Display Devices is well known to disturb sleep, and now it’s been shown: the same high-energy blue can accelerate macular degeneration (blindness). PixelDisplay fixes these problems at the source, inside the LED's, Micro-LED, OLED and LCD Displays, with Vivid Color Eye-Safe. Unlike software fixes like Night-Shift, blue-blocking films and glasses, battery-life is enhanced, white looks like white not brown, and the experience colorful. Vivid Color switches between HDR Mode with full P3 color gamut, Eye-safe Mode, and also Daylight Mode with enhanced daylight readability.



Sheep VisionX is a global platform that provides both AI technologies and services for enterprise businesses. It all starts with providing state of the art, enhanced visual inspection solutions across the manufacturing industries. VisionX proprietary algorithms automatically detect surface defects of electronic devices, steel, ceramic chips, LED chips, automotive parts, textiles and other products. In addition, we deploy and layer-in decentralized methods to provide the services of AI data collection.



Sheep SWFT Blockchain is a next-generation, worldwide cross-chain transfer protocol and payments network. SWFT Blockchain’s technology combines blockchain, machine learning and big data to enable direct swaps between over 180+ cryptocurrencies. SWFT Blockchain’s cryptocurrency transfer platform and wallet app features one-click in-wallet transfers, decentralized transfers, red packets, and peer to peer payments using SWFT Pay, offering a fast, affordable, and secure cryptocurrency experience.



Sheep CTIOne is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to artificial intelligence. We provide customers with competitive, safe and reliable products, solutions and services in embedded artificial intelligence, computer vision and intelligent control. Our products deployed for Smart Cities solutions, Automated Driving, IOT Applications and Intelligent Control.


Soteria Battery Innovation Group

Sheep Soteria’s architecture starts with a separator that will never ever melt or shrink, so any damage or defect will never get bigger. The current collector, made of metallized plastic, breaks down and retreats when it experiences the intense current densities associated with a short, stopping the flow of energy and arresting thermal runaway within microseconds of the initial short circuit. Soteria has formed an open consortium of companies, working together to advance the technology and adoption.


TeraWatt Technology

Sheep TeraWatt Technology is a division of SF Motors Inc. (d.b.a. SERES) engaging in advanced battery technology R&D.



Sheep Eyecloud.ai is an AIoT smart viision solution provider with headquarter in Silicon Valley and R&D centers in Europe and China. It was founded in 2018 with SEED investment from NLVC. Their first product which has won the CES 2019 Innovation Award is a global-first battery-powered edge-AI security camera for Person Detection and Face Recognition. The company's expertise is in providing turn-key solution and modules to partners and customers who want fast TTM of their AI products and services



Sheep PETcoil brings positron emission tomography (PET) imaging into over 50,000 magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners worldwide.


Dilili Labs, Inc.

Sheep Dilili Brainframe software platform analyzes real-time video streams for users to have a deep understanding of their customers, products, and service so that businesses can scale the operations. By leveraging existing video surveillance infrastructure, our system integrator customers can deploy the system to help businesses to acquire critical information for mass operation at a low cost that is impossible to achieve without recent technology breakthrough on computing and deep learning.


PixMoving Inc

Sheep We are a team provide autonomous driving chassis as platform for different business promo their business into autonomous driving. We also use large scale of metal 3D printing to manufacturing our chassis.



Sheep ORBAI is developing the next generation of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, creating speech interfaces that converse with you fluently, and get better just by talking to you, artificial vision systems that learn to see and identify objects in the world as they encounter them. We will deploy these systems in our Human AI for our AI employees, robots, drones, cars, toys, consumer electronics and homes that use all of this to learn as they explore and interact.



Sheep TRCare offers a telehealth system that enables stroke patients to receive home-based rehabilitation therapy managed by medical professionals. The system can be deployed in a rehab hospital/clinic or at home. We offer a clinical version for hospitals/clinics and a home version for patients via a monthly subscription prescribed by medical professionals.


SilkRides Inc.

Sheep SILKRIDES is the autonomous driving team at SERES. The team has an OEM carmaker heritage with Silicon Valley software roots to provide a “Tesla like,” cost competitive, and open autonomy solution for carmakers. Established in 2017, SILKRIDES has demonstrated Level 3 and Level 4 autonomous driving in urban and highway scenarios.


Flivery Inc.

Sheep Flivery is a drone software and operation solution company to provide instant food delivery service by using autonomous drones. It is much cheaper and much faster than the delivery service we are using today. Flivery is the first-ever fully autonomous solution for drone delivery. Our solution requires almost zero ground space and no physical interaction between the drone and the user, so it is very safe and easy for expansion. Flivery is a revolution for instant delivery.