4C Air

4C Air was established by Stanford Professors Steven Chu and Yi Cui in 2015 to develop innovative air filtration products and solutions using nanomaterials that are more reliable, energy-saving, and sustainable. Along with an experienced team in scientific research, technology development, and industrial fabrication, 4C Air’s mature production technology has created air filtration products with high efficiency and low air resistance. Nanofibers, with their much smaller diameter can capture and filter the smallest of particulates, making them suitable for high efficiency and next-generation filtration products. Through intensive R&D, 4C Air has developed the nanofiber polymer formulations and production modalities for a variety of air filtration needs. Laminating 4C Air’s nanofiber on traditional air filtration materials can form superior composites with excellent uniformity. 4C Air’s nanofibers can address multiple consumer concerns, enabling high filtration efficiency, extended service life, reduced energy consumption, increased reliability and safety, at a lower production cost compared to competitors. It can replace traditional filtration materials in applications, such as personal respiratory protection, HVAC, biological safety cabinets, industrial clean rooms, and emission control. With several patented core technologies, 4C Air has established itself with an excellent reputation in the international nanomaterial and air purification industry. Currently on the market, 4C Air’s KN95 respirator has the highest filtration performance, with the world’s best breathability.

If you are interested in, please feel free to contact us through email, info@svief.org.