Fova Energy

Fova Energy, Inc. (“Fova” below) is an MIT spinoff, aiming to empower the battery industry to make batteries safer, cheaper, and longer-lasting.
Fova offers Fova SuiteTM, the world’s first AI-powered data analytics and decision-making platform for the battery industry, generally termed "battery management-as-a-service". In the R&D and production stages, Fova SuiteTM allows customers to accelerate the testing process up to 80% and improve product manufacturing consistency; In the daily operation stage, Fova SuiteTM allows users (EVs and energy storage stations) to prevent battery safety incidents months in advance, extend battery life and hence bring millions of dollars savings.
Fova’s culture is grounded in prioritizing clients, being market-oriented, and addressing key pain points. In the past 6 months, Fova has established in-depth collaboration with world-leading battery manufacturers and Energy storage vendors. With Fova, let’s charge into a clean future.

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