MagicWeaver is dedicated to developing advanced 3D solutions. Our core team has worked in top AI and film technology fields in North America for many years. Using our years of experience in these fields, we have successfully developed a new 3D human body technology. The technology can use ordinary mobile phone photos (2D), depth images (2.5D) and three-dimensional scanning (3D) data sources to generate a complete 3D digital human body system. The output results include: standardized polygonal human body model, accurate body shape measurement data, complete bone binding and muscle simulation. This technology can serve all kinds of anthropometry and 3D virtual character applications. At present, we have provided 2B SaaS applications for the apparel and health industries, including: custom clothing, smart size recommendations, body shape analysis, VR/AR3D virtual characters, etc. In addition, the core technology can also be expanded into a general 3D digital solution, which is applied to other types of 3D reconstruction, 3D pattern recognition, automated digital content production and other fields besides the human body.

If you are interested in, please feel free to contact us through email, info@svief.org.