Pamu Quiet True Wireless Earphones. The PaMu Team + The Best Chip Company (Qualcomm) +The Best Noise Cancelling Tech Company (ams) + The Best Microphone Makers (Knowles)=PaMu Quiet, the best Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) earphones you can buy. If your top priority is sound quality, you must try active noise cancelling wireless earphones. Because with active noise cancelling, you can immerse yourself fully in music and hear every detail without distractions. PaMu Quiet is different from most other active noise cancelling earphones that just use either feedback or feed-forward noise cancellation. PaMu Quiet uses both, delivering a better active noise cancelation experience with hybrid noise cancellation. PaMu Quiet is designed for comfort and stability. The ergonomic design enable PaMu Quiet to perfectly fit in your ear shape, so whatever you do, they will never fall out. Run, jump, or hop around if you like, PaMu Quiet will stay in your ears. PaMu Quiet connect to the free PaMu Quiet app, which lets you customize touch control the way you like them, check your battery life, manage your Bluetooth connections and more. It’s also how you get software updates with new features we’re working on.

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