Spira creates replacements for petroleum-based colors and animal proteins using CRISPR-edited carbon-negative algae grown by a global network of farming partners to scale ingredients for food, cosmetic and textile companies. Spira has generated over $120,000 in sales and 70 letters of intent during the course of the pandemic, which corresponds to a projected $33 million in potential billable revenue. They've successfully piloted our ingredients with beverage, alcohol, cosmetic, textile, candy and confectionery brands and have interest from clients like Clorox and Kellogg. They've filed 6 patents, applied for dozens of grants, and expanded our farming network to 32 global partners producing over 40 metric tons of ingredients monthly. They previously raised over $435,000 in equity investment to bring them to this point and presented at conferences like SXSW, Synbiobeta and received money from organizations like the World Food Programme and the National Science Foundation. Spira is raising $2,000,000 as a means of delivering ingredients to waiting customers, expanding sales into the cosmetics market, doubling down on their intellectual property, hiring additional bioengineers, and building a small pilot plant to enable faster ingredient innovation. This fundraise should return millions in sales and release a spirulina protein hydrolysate on the market as well as a novel proof-of-concept red colorant.