MYNT AI was founded by world class entrepreneurs all graduated from top universities: Stanford PhD, Princeton Post-doc, USTC (University of Science and Technology of China), and UC Irvine MBA. Its core patent in VSLAM (Visual Simultaneous Localization And Mapping) has been granted by US Patent Office, and more than dozen patent applications in US and China are pending.MYNT AI has developed a revolutionary low-cost 3D stereo vision-based Lidar, VSLAM, and control turn-key solution for robots. It has accomplished all tasks required in a robotics vacuum cleaner, including mapping, localization, navigation, 3D obstacle avoidance, cliff detection, sweeping along the wall, and returning to charge station for charging, replacing all sensors currently used – LiDar, ultrasound, ToF, laser, with a single sensor only costs $6, even cheaper than a single LiDar. This will enable the whole mobile robot market, in particularly, the robotics vacuum cleaner market, to explode. Its turn-key solution is passing the industry standard test and will be in volume production within half a year. MYNT AI has been backed by top angel investors including Nick Yang (LeBox), XU Xiaoping (Zhenfund), and STO Founder and Chairman CHEN Dejun.

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