We are developing a novel technology for gears where we use purely rolling balls to eliminate friction, thus reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions.
We proved the technology in several prototype tests, sold 8 prototypes and 1 license, obtained patents in 15 countries and built a customer base of about 1,300 companies.
We won $370 thousand in grants, also won 16 innovation and entrepreneurship awards in China, Germany, Hungary and the UK as well as the ‘Seal of Excellence’ award from the European Union.
Our team consists of 2 Physics PhDs and 2 Engineering Masters, with average 23 years of work experience and average 11 years of international experience.
The problem we are solving at our company is friction that is causing energy loss in gears. Depending on gear type this loss amounts to up to 70% of the input energy resulting in a commensurate amount of wasted money and CO2. Practically all machines that move have gears inside and they all lose energy due to friction. The global gear market is about $200 billion in size.
We at sincroll have a solution to this problem since our ball gears have no friction whatsoever. We cover the entire gear market universally so the size of our company’s target market is the entire $200 billion.

If you are interested in, please feel free to contact us through email, info@svief.org.