1. 2018 SVIEF AI+ Talk

SVIEF is excited to kick off its 2018 agenda with the brand new AI+ Talk on January 7th, 2018 at Santa Clara Convention Center. The Talk features the IoT & Smart Home Session. Speakers from Google Brain, Ling Technology and eKryp will share their thoughts on ways that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are revolutionizing IoT and enhancing the value of Smart Home.

Over the past year, the world’s largest tech companies’ smart home ecosystems have taken shape. According to analyst from Barclay, the connected home industry could be worth more than $300 billion by 2020. According to Vincent Vanhoucke, Principal Scientist at Google, Machine Intelligence has reached the same level, and in some cases, exceeded human intelligence such as in the fields of Machine Vision, Machine Translation and Speech Recognition.

    At SVIEF AI+ Talk, Vincent will speak on the topic of Machine Perception: Thinking, Deciding and Acting Like a Human. Former Baidu Research head of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) team, CEO & Cofounder of Ling Technology Jiawei Gu will share his thoughts on AI R&D including Applications of Video Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Image Recognition, Deep Learning, etc.

2. Svief Star Startup Competition

SVIEF-Star” Startup Competition is held quarterly for consecutive 7 years. The competition helps startups to strengthen their brand and establish meaningful relationship with investors and SVIEF’s network of industry elites. Since 2011, we have received over 1000+ applications each year. 300+ projects have received media coverage and 150+ projects have received investment under our effort. All qualified projects selected to participate in the SVIEF-Star Startup Competition will have the opportunity to be invested by SVIEF Capital.

The Spring 2018 SVIEF Star is now calling for startups in the field of Artificial Intelligence including Health Tech, Autonomous Driving, Cloud Computing, IoT, Smart Tech etc. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis by the SVIEF committee and qualified ventures will be selected to participate the startup contest on Jan. 7th 2018 at Santa Clara Convention Center.


More speakers coming soon...


Jiawei Gu

Founder & CEO, Ling Technology
( Read more )


Vincent Vanhoucke

Principal Scientist,Google; Technical Lead, Google Brain ( Read more )


Karpagam Narayanan

Co-Founder, eKryp ( Read more )


P.K. Agarwal

Regional Dean & CEO, Northeastern University ( Read more )


Yiran Chen

Associate Professor, Duke University; Co-Director, Evolutionary Intelligence Lab ( Read more )


Tashfeen Suleman

Co-Founder / CEO, CloudMedx ( Read more )


Huijun Zhou

Founder & CEO, iDNA ( Read more )


Sanjit Singh Dang

Investment Director, Intel Capital ( Read more )


Sudha Jamthe

CEO, IoT Disruptions; Instructor of IoT Business Course, Stanford CSP
( Read more )


The agenda is subject to change*

SVIEF AI+ Talk Agenda

Ideas Illuminating the Smart Future

Date: January 7th, 2018

Venue: Santa Clara Convention Center, Theatre, 2nd Floor



AI+: IoT & Smart Home


Create a Ling World of Human-Robot Symbiosis

  • Jiawei Gu, CEO & Cofounder, Ling Technology


Machine Perception: Thinking, Deciding and Acting Like a Human

  • Vincent Vanhoucke, Principal Scientist, Google


Evolution of Machine Learning

  • Karpagam Narayanan, Founder, ekryp

AI+: Career Development


Riding the Machine Learning and AI Wave for Professional Success

  • P.K. Agarwal, Regional Dean & CEO, Northeastern University


The Battle for Top AI Talent

  • Yiran Chen, Associate Professor, Duke University; Co-director, Evolutionary Intelligence Lab

SVIEF Star Startup Contest (Winter Batch)


Group 1

AI+: Healthtech


Improve Patients Outcomes Through Predicative Analytics

  • Tashfeen Suleman, Co-founder & CEO, CloudMedX


The Era of Human Gene Editing

  • Huijun Zhou, CEO & Founder, iDNA

SVIEF Star Startup Contest (Winter Batch)


Group 2

Shenzhen Startup Contest (Silicon Valley) Launching Ceremony


Introduction of Shenzhen Innovation & Entrepreneurship Environment


Shenzhen Startup Contest (Silicon Valley) Launching Ceremony

AI+: Smart Mobility


Leveraging the Upcoming Disruptions from AI Powered Smart Mobility

  • Sanjit Singh Dang, Venture Capitalist, Intel Capital


AI's implication on Future Transportation

  • Sudha Jamthe, Autonomous Vehicle Instructor, Stanford University


Award Ceremony


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