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3) Category (choose only one): Choose the one category most closely related to your innovation. If your innovation does not fit one of the categories, please specify another category in the space following Other.
Mobile Internet/Gaming   Wearable tech  3D printing 
Robotics Software Network and Internet
Computing Systems and
Consumer Electronics
Energy and Power
Environment Health-Care IT Manufacturing Technology
Materials and Other Base
Medical Devices Medicine and Biotech
Technology Product Design/Industrial Design (Note: This refers to the aesthetics of an
         innovation, such as cool design.)
Transportation Wireless Communications Network Security/ Personal
Other (Please specify):
4)How did you hear about us?
1) What, briefly, is your innovation? (limit to 100 words.) (Example: Displays based on light-emitting inks.)
2) What is the current situation in the field in which your innovation appears? (limit to 100 words.). (Example: Color screens are becoming widely embedded in a range of consumer devices such as cell phones and PDAs.)
3) What is the problem with this situation that your innovation is seeking to address? (limit to 100 words.) (Example: However, these screens are expensive and they drain batteries fast.)
4) How does your innovation address this situation? (limit to 100 words.). (Example: By using a new technology based on light-emitting inks, displays can be made more cheaply and use less power.)
PART III: A CLOSER LOOK (Please explain in greater detail. )
1) What is particularly novel or noteworthy about your innovation? How is your innovation different from your competitors? (limit to 200 words.) (Example: We are the only company to develop displays based on light-emitting inks and are the first to bring devices to the market.)
2) What impact do you expect the innovation to have on its field or on other fields? (limit to 200 words.)
3) Is the innovation a completely new technology or is it a new combination or packaging of well-established technologies? (limit to 200 words.)
4) If your innovation is a product, when did it first appear on the market? (limit to 200 words.)
5) An innovation should have achieved some significant milestone , such as granting of a patent, introduction on the market, significant upgrade of an existing product, etc. What milestones have been achieved since that date? (limit to 200 words.)
6) We are interested in knowing more about the primary innovator/innovation team. Please summarize the background(s) of the primary innovator/inventor or innovation team. (limit to 200 words.)
7) For private companies: Have you received venture-capital funding? If so, please provide details, such as names of the VC investors. (limit to 200 words.)
Part IV: Supporting Documents.
Supporting documents are optional but suggested. Qualified documents would be research papers, examples of media coverage and testimonials from third-party sources or customers, short video presentations, etc. Upload your supporting documents here. (Maximum file size: 8M)

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