SVIEF-Star Startups Application


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1. Please fill out an application form for every project. The applicant should be the legal owner of the project, guarantee that the application contents are true, legal and reproducible, and shall be liable for the truthfulness, accuracy, and completeness of the contents.

2. The applicant should keep a copy of the materials. The materials won't be returned to the applicant after submitting.

3. Applicant can email the confidential materials to bp@svtic.com, with the project name for clarification.


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Why do you want to apply for our competition/event?为何希望报名参加我们的比赛和活动


If the applying team accepted by the SVIEF STAR Startup Competition owns a patent, it must meet the relevant legal conditions and hold a valid patent that has been confirmed by law. SVIEF has no liability in reviewing the authenticity and validity of the patent(s) involved. If your project falls into any category that’s considered illegal, and/or contains any sensitive or confidential information (includes but not limited to military industry, nature resource, etc.), SVIEF has the right to cancel your application at any time without your consent. SVIEF reserves the right to share information to third-party organizations or investors for investment and advisory purpose. Applicants will take full responsibility for any disadvantages due to mistakes or omissions on the application.

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