Mentors and Judges (old)

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Yi Cui
Professor, Stanford University

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Yi Cui went to University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry in 1998. He attended graduate school from 1998 to 2002 at Harvard University, where he worked under supervision of Professor Charles M. Lieber. His Ph.D thesis concerned semiconductor nanowires for nanotechnology including synthesis, nanoelectroncis and nanosensor applications. After that, he went on to work as a Miller Postdoctoral Fellow with Professor Paul Alivisatos at University of California, Berkeley. His postdoctoral work was mainly on electronics and assembly using colloidal nanocrystals. In 2005 he became an Assistant Professor in Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Stanford University. In 2010 he was promoted to an Associate Professor with tenure and named as David Filo and Jerry Yang Faculty Scholar. In 2010, he was promoted to be a Full Professor. In 2011, he started a joint appointment in Photon Science Faculty, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. His current research is on nanomaterials for energy storage, photovotalics, topological insulators, biology and environment.

He is a highly proliferate materials scientist and has published ~330 research papers, filed more than 40 patent applications and give ~300 plenary/keynote/invited talks. His works have generated a very large impact and he is among top most cited scientists in the world (Google Scholar, H-index 123). In 2014, he was ranked NO.1 in Materials Science by Thomson Reuters as “The World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds”. He is an Associate Editor of Nano Letters. He is a Co-Director of the Bay Area Photovoltaics Consortium and a Co-Director of Battery 500 Consortium. He founded Amprius Inc. in 2008, a company to commercialize the high-energy battery technology. Now the high-energy batteries invented by him have started to be used in commercial market, which could potentially revolutionize portable electronics and transportation applications. In 2015, he and Professor Steve Chu co-founded 4C Air Inc., to commercialize their invented breakthrough technology to remove particle pollutants from the air.

He has won numerous awards recognizing his scientific contributions in these research areas, including MRS Fellow (2016), MRS Fred Kavli Distinguished Lectureship in Nanoscience (2015), Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry (2015), Small Young Innovator Award (2015), Resonate Award for Sustainability (2015), Blavatnik National Award Finalist (2015), Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers Award for Young Scientist (2015), Inaugural Schlumberger Chemistry Lectureship (University of Cambridge, 2015), Top 10 World Changing Ideas for His Work on Batteries to Capture Low-Grade Waste Heat (Scientific American, 2014), NO. 1 “Hottest Researchers of Today” in Materials Science (Thomas Reuters, 2014), Closs Lectureship (University of Chicago, 2014), Inaugural Nano Energy Award (2014), Bau Family Awards in Inorganic Chemistry (2014), Blavatnik National Award Finalist (2014), the IUPAC Distinguished Award for Novel Materials and Synthesis (2013), Scientist in Residence of University of Duisburg-Essen (2013), Next Power Visiting Chair Professorship (National Tsinghua University, 2013), the Wilson Prize (2011), the David Filo and Jerry Yang Faculty Scholar (2010), the Sloan Research Fellowship (2010), the Global Climate and Energy Project Distinguished Lecturer (2009), KAUST Investigator Award (2008), ONR Young Investigator Award (2008), MDV Innovators Award (2007), Terman Fellowship (2005), the Technology Review World Top Young Innovator Award (2004), Miller Research Fellowship (2003), Distinguished Graduate Student Award in Nanotechnology (Foresight Institute, 2002), Gold Medal of Graduate Student Award (Material Research Society, 2001).

Ya-Qin Zhang
President, Baidu

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Dr. Ya-Qin Zhang joined Baidu in September 2014 as President, in charge of new business.

Prior to joining Baidu, Zhang was Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President and Chairman of Asia R&D Group, leading Microsoft’s overall research and development efforts in Asia-Pacific, Microsoft’s largest R&D establishment outside of US with over 3,000 scientists and engineers. Over his 15 year tenure at Microsoft, he has taken various key positions, including the Managing Director of Microsoft Research Asia (2000-2004), Chairman of Microsoft China (2007-2012), Corporate Vice President of Mobile and Embedded Products (2004-2006), and Asia R&D Chairman until September 2014.

Before joining Microsoft, Zhang was Director of the Multimedia Technology Laboratory at Sarnoff Corp. Princeton, New Jersey (RCA Laboratories), where he oversaw the development of several significant digital video encoding and communications technologies for commercial and surveillance/security systems. Prior to that, from 1989 to 1994, Zhang was a senior technical staff member at GTE Laboratories Inc. (now part of Verizon) Corp. in Waltham, MA.

Zhang is a Fellow of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and has published more than 500 papers in leading international conferences and journals. He has been granted more than 60 US patents in digital video, Internet, multimedia, wireless and satellite communications. He was a key contributor to the ISO/MPEG and ITU standardization efforts in digital video and multimedia. Many of the technologies he and his team developed have become the basis for start-up ventures, commercial products, and international standards. In 1997, he became the youngest ever Fellow of IEEE and has served as editor-in-chief for several influential IEEE journals. Currently, Zhang serves on the Board of Directors of five high-tech IT companies. He is an honorary or guest professor at more than 20 prestigious universities, and is an advisor to several government agencies. Zhang is also the vice Chairman of Committee 100, a group of leading Chinese-Americans to promote the political, scientific, social, and economic exchanges between the US and China.

Zhang received his B.S. and M.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) in 1983 and 1985. He received his Doctor of Science in Electrical Engineering from George Washington University, Washington D.C. in 1989.

Shoucheng Zhang
Founding chairman, Danhua Capital / Chairman, SVIEF

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Prof. Shoucheng Zhang joined the faculty at Stanford in 1993, and is now the JG Jackson and CJ Wood professor of physics. He also holds joint appointment in the department of applied physics and electrical engineering. He is a member of the US National Academy of Science, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and a foreign member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He discovered a new state of matter called topological insulator in which electrons can conduct along the edge without dissipation, enabling a new generation of electronic devices with much lower power consumption. For this ground breaking work he received numerous international awards, including the Buckley Prize, the Dirac Medal and Prize, the Europhysics Prize, the Physics Frontiers Prize and the Benjamin Franklin Medal, one of the most prestigious science prizes in the world, whose previous laureates include Albert Einstein, Madame Curie, Stephen Hawking, Thomas Edison and Alexander Bell.

Prof. Zhang is the founding chairman of Danhua Capital. He has made numerous angel investments into Stanford based stars including VMWare. He founded Danhua Capital in 2013 to focus investments in stars from Stanford and Silicon Valley. Danhua’s LPs include Baidu, Alibaba, Ctrip, Lenovo and Sina, which are leading internet companies from China. Danhua’s investments focus on mobile internet, big data, AR/VR, genomics and precision medicine, sharing economy and robotics.

Jun Wu
Founding Partner, Amino Capital

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Dr Jun Wu, Founding Partner of Amino Capital, Distinguished Visiting Professor of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Ex Senior Staff Research Scientist of Google, Ex-VP of Tencent, and member of Board of Director, CITIC Press.

As a renowned expert in speech recognition, natural language processing and web search, Dr. Jun Wu started his career at Google as an engineer and then a research scientist in 2002. Shortly after he joined Google, Dr. Wu received Google Engineering Award for his achievement on anti-SPAM. He was the author of Google Chinese/Japanese/Korean search algorithms and the inventor of many Google technologies, and was highly appraised by Eric Schmidt and Sergey Brin for his contribution in Google. He co-founded the department of search in Chinese, Korean and Japanese in 2003.

Dr. Wu joined Tencent Technologies as the VP in charge of the Search, Infrastructure, Map and Search Ads from 2010 – 2012. He helped the company boosted search traffic and revenue by 6 fold in two years.

Dr. Wu re-joined Google as a Principal Research Scientist to lead the effort of automatic question/answering from 2012 to 2014, and developed the first online service of automatic answering for complicated questions in the world. He left Google and co-founded Amino Capital (aka Z-park Capi-tal) in 2014 and has invested to more than 90 star companies in the US.

Dr. Wu is a member of National Advisory Board of Whiting School of Engineering at Johns Hopkins and an advisor of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in China. He is the author of five Chinese awarded books: On Top of Tides, Beauty of Mathematics, Civilizations and Enlightenments, Roads toward Universities, Secrets of Silicon Valley and Era of Intelligence. He published tens of papers on journals and conferences, and was granted tens of patents in US and international.

Dr. Wu obtained Ph.D. degree of Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University, B.S.E degree of Computer Science and M.S.E degree of Electronic Engineering from Tsinghua University.

Xiang Qian
Clinical Assistant Professor, Associate Medical Director of International Medical Services, Stanford Hospital

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Dr Xiang Qian is the Clinical Assistant Professor in Anesthesiology, Perioperative and and Pain Medicine at Stanford University. He is specialized in treating various pain conditions utilizing the combination of medicine, interventional procedure, physical therapy, and others. He co-leads a CT-guided interventional program at Stanford to treat trigeminal neuralgia and other pain conditions.

Dr Qian is the Associate Medical Director of International Medical Services at Stanford University. He oversees the provision of clinical care and telemedicine consults in relevant programs and projects with affiliated clinics and hospitals.; he also reviews and approves telemedicine and referral protocols, policies, and procedures. Dr Qian is also responsible for working in collaboration with the faculty and hospital administrations to oversee the clinical and administrative operation.

Dr Qian is also the Founder and the President of the Society of Chinese American Physician Entrepreneurs, SCAPE, an organization of American physicians with Chinese heritage. SCAPE is a unique platform based in the United States for Chinese American Physicians to exchange ideas and to network. Members are from 50 states of the US, across over 30 different subspecialties, in both private practice and prestigious academic medical centers.

Hans Tung
Managing Partner, GGV Capital

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Hans joined GGV Capital in 2013 as a Managing Partner to focus on mobile Internet, cross border ecommerce, online education, and gaming industry investments. Hans led GGV’s investment and serves on the board of Wish, a fast growing cross border mobile commerce company, Curse, a popular gaming platform, FlightCar, the world’s first peer to peer car sharing company at airports, and Totspot, a mobile marketplace. He is also actively involved with GGV portfolio companies Flipboard and Yodo1. Hans’ prior work experience spans venture capital, internet start-ups, and tech investment banking over 18 years. He led investments in or served on the boards of start-ups that have since become category leaders, including Xiaomi (where he was involved in attracting Hugo Barra, the former Head of Android Product Management at Google), Mafengwo Travel,, eHi Car Rental, Domob Mobile, 51fanli and Forgame (HKSE: 0484), which went public on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in October 2013. He joined GGV from Qiming Venture Partners where he focused on investment in China from 2007 to 2013. Previously he was with Bessemer Venture Partners for three years, where he helped global players such as Skype to expand into China. Hans was also a founding member of Taipei-based Crimson Asia Capital and HelloAsia, a pan-Asian focused consumer Internet start-up based in Silicon Valley. He started his career at Merrill Lynch as an investment banker focused on the technology sector. He received his B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Stanford University. Hans has been ranked as a top VC on the Forbes Midas list the past three years (2013, 2014, and 2015). He was also recognized by The Founder and CBN News magazines as a Top 10 most entrepreneur-friendly VC in China. Hans is frequently recognized as an industry thought leader in the Mobile Internet, Ecommerce, Social Networking and Gaming sectors.

Charles Fan
Chief Technology Officer, Cheetah Mobile

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SVP at VMware, led Virtual Storage and Big Data Business;
Founder of EMC China R&D Group and VMware China R&D Center;
Co-founder and CTO of Rainfinity which was acquired by EMC in 2005;
Expert in Distributed Systems, Cloud Infrastructure and Data Storage;
PhD in Electrical Engineering from Caltech and Bachelor in Electrical Engineering from the Cooper Union

Jack J. McCauley
Founder & President, McCauley Labs

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To call Jack McCauley a builder is an understatement. The inventor has had a fascination with machines and engineering since early childhood, even earning $1,000 in savings bonds from Tinker Toys as a 9-year- old in honor of his earliest inventions. That tinkering instinct has served Jack well through a storied career spanning several disciplines and industries in the technology arena. Jack’s technical genius has permeated consumers’ everyday lives and some creations are synonymous with popular entertainment. He’s best known for inventing the first scrolling feature of the computer mouse and for engineering the controllers for the revolutionary Guitar Hero video game series which ignited the multi-billion dollar music rhythm games genre. Jack later joined forces with Palmer Luckey as Co-Founder and Chief Engineer at Oculus VR to create the Oculus Rift, a consumer virtual reality head- mounted display. Jack is credited with designing the DK1 and DK2 for developers. In addition, he was one of the originators of the universal serial bus (USB) port standard for computer peripherals. As an expert in microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), Jack pioneered use of MEMS technology in gaming. His ingenuity has been recognized with industry accolades including the prestigious Red Dot design. Currently the Founder and President of McCauley Labs, an incubator that brings clients’ ideas to the mass market, Jack applies his innate ability to recognize the potential of new concepts and seamlessly adapts designs to cultural preferences and practices. He built McCauley Labs on the principle of mentoring for success to guide and empower innovators to realize their vision. Jack teaches Design Innovation at U.C. Berkeley’s recently unveiled Jacobs Hall. He’s proud to be able to inspire new generations of engineering students at his alma mater.

Alireza Masrour
Managing Partner, Plug & Play Ventures

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Alireza Masrour is Managing Partner at Plug & Play Ventures, a place where he led more than 100 investments out of over 19000 stratup investment opportunity for the firm since 2008. Some of investments led by him are Skytree (Big Data Analytics which named top 10 BigData stars by, HealthPocket which acquired by Health Insurance Innovations, Aarki, FiscalNote, Virool and Credit Sesame to name a few.

Also Alireza is founding Partner of Plug and Play Startup Camp, seed program, a place who is advising and mentoring over 50 start ups per year. A few of his portfolio has been acquired by Apple, Baidu, Intel, SK Telecom and LinkedIn.

Alireza has been judge and mentor for different universities such as Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley, Princeton, and Carnegie Mellon with the objective of helping early stage stars and leading star camp investments for the university stars.

Prior to Plug and Play, he was Founder and CEO at NekaTel, one of the large Internet Airtime Distribution Networks, with over 800 retailers and millions of subscribers. Alireza grew NekaTel’s revenue from $0 to over $45M in less than 2 years. He was also Founder of VidaTel, offering mobile airtime distribution technology and sold the technology in 2007. He has prior Engineering and Management background from Tehran University. Alireza published “Crossing the Digital Divide: What’s Next” in Information Technologies and International Development Journal published by Harvard Business School for UN’s World Summit on the Information Society.

Ron Wessels
Head, Global Startup Recruitment, SAP Startup Focus program

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Ron Wessels currently serves SAP as Head of Global Startup Recruitment for the SAP Startup Focus program. Most recently he served Cisco Systems as the AT&T Sr. Program Manager in the Service Provider Customer Experience group. Mr. Wessels has served as the senior marketing and sales executive for venture capital backed stars, including two Sequoia Capitol backed ventures.From 1994-1999 he served CKS and USWeb/CKS as General Manager of Onsite Services.

Mr. Wessels holds a B.A. from the University of California, Berkeley and an M. Div. from Fuller Seminary. He has served on both private non-profit and for profit boards.

David Chen
Co-Founder, former Vice Chairman, VanceInfo

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David Chen is co-Founder and former Vice Chairman & President of VanceInfo, one of the largest China based IT services firms. He oversaw strategy and daily operations between 2001 and 2010. Before it went public in 2007 at NYSE, it was backed by prominent VCs including DCM, Sequoia Capital and Legend Capital. Now he is serving as Strategic Advisor for Pactera which is the result of merger between Vanceinfo and hiSoft.

Prior to co-founding VanceInfo, David held multiple management and technical positions at Asera, IBM/Crossworlds, KPMG Consulting, Oracle and UCSF Medical Center.

David is passionate about fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship and technological innovation across China and the US and he is current Chairman of HYSTA, a nonprofit organization dedicated to entrepreneurship and leadership among Chinese professionals and entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. He is also an active angel investor and advisor for star companies.

Wei Guo
Founder, Wei Fund, Angel Investor

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Wei Guo, managing partner of UpHonest Capital and founder of Wei Fund, was recognized in the 2016’s Top 20 Global Cross-Border Early Stage Chinese Investors by China Venture, and one of the Most Active Silicon Valley Chinese Angel Investors by China Angel Investing Summit in 2016. Washington Post called him one of the “China Whispers”, and The Information featured him on the front page. Over the past three years, Wei has invested in 130+ Silicon Valley stars, including six exits, and more than half of them have secured the next round of financing. Wei’s representative investments in SaaS sector include Directly, Checkr and Zenreach; in new lifestyle sector include Chariot (acquired by Ford), GrubMarket and Clara Foods; in IoT sector include Matternet, Boom, Rescale and Transcriptic; in games sector include Cloudcade and Betable; in social sector include After School and Ever ; in VR sector include and Vicarious Surgical. Wei has also invested in indoor map company Virtroid (acquired by Magic Leap), team work conference website and mobile terminal application Worklife (acquired by Cisco) Application Trustlook (Huawei mobile phone pre-installed anti-virus applications), intelligent security guards KnightScope robot and fintech company Snapcard etc.

Bill Keating
Executive chairman, Reel Solar Inc.,

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Bill is also a board member at Innovus Power (Micro-grid controls) and Seebright Inc., augmented reality software and head-mounted displays.

Previously, he was the executive in renewable energy at Skyline Solar (chairman), SolFocus, AQT and SunModular (acquired by Nano Solar) that have raised over $300 million.

Marlon Evans
Chief Executive Officer, GSVlabs

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As CEO of GSVlabs, Marlon oversees an ecosystem of innovation including 160+ start-ups, investors, corporations, universities and government. In creating a platform for collaboration via innovation labs focused on EdTech, Mobility, Big Data, and Sustainability, GSVlabs helps accelerate the journey from solution to scale. Prior to joining GSVlabs, Marlon served as a Director of Corporate Affairs at Hewlett Packard​. His team implemented​ global community engagement programs, collaborating with the Stanford on ideathon​s and facilitating company-driven hackathons in support of educational, health, and environmental innovation. Marlon also served as the Director of Partnerships at the Knowledge Is Power Program (KIPP) Foundation and Executive Director of Ronnie Lott’s All Stars Helping Kids. Marlon received his BA in Political Science and a MA in Sociology from Stanford University, where he competed on the football and track & field teams.

Matt Walters
Founder & CEO, CompassLab

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Matt is the former Managing Director of Runway Incubator, San Francisco’s premier community for star, investor and corporate collaboration. Previously, Matt was a Venture Partner at Expansive Ventures, a Principal at Ardent Capital and the founding Head of Business Development and CFO of Topicmarks, a natural language processing company that sold to Tagged, Inc in 2011. Matt holds an AB at Princeton University and was an MBA at the Wharton School of Business.

Henry L. Ines
Partner, DFJ DragonFund

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He is an international executive with 17+ years of venture capital, corporate finance, and cross-border advisory experiences. Mr. Ines is currently a partner at DFJ DragonFund, a Silicon Valley-based VC firm focused on exceptional early-stage China-centric investment opportunities. Additionally, he is also a partner at Struck Capital, an LA-based VC firm, focused on global late-seed and Series A high tech investment opportunities. Henry also serves as the Executive Director of Global Chamber® San Francisco, a member organization focused on supporting and engaging business leaders, companies, and communities to accelerate global business growth and participate in successful cross-border trade and investment opportunities. Henry is also co-founder of SF-based social media star StreetMarch, an instructor at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, and an advisor to the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) and other firms. Mr. Ines holds a BS in Finance from Pennsylvania State University in University Park, PA and an MBA from Duke University Fuqua School of Business in Durham, NC.

Tiemin Zhao
GM, Amprius USA and Venture Partner, IPV Capital

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Tiemin Zhao is GM at Amprius USA and Venture Partner at IPV Capital. He has 19 years of R&D, manufacturing,and management experience in US high-tech industry and served in executive or senior management positions at 7 star companies (1 IPO, 3 acquisitions). He has also been an angel investor and advised numerous young entrepreneurs and seed/early-stage technology stars.

Howie Xu
Executive In Residence, Greylock Partners

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Howie is an Executive In Residence at Greylock Partners. Prior, he was a senior engineering executive at Cisco, Big Switch Networks, and VMware. During his decade long tenure at VMware, Howie helped to scale the company from a start-up with ~10 developers/~nil revenue on server virtualization to an software giant with $4B in revenue and 14,000+ employees. He led the VMware’s networking team that invented the disruptive network virtualization technology, which led to the creation of new markets including Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV).

Jonathan Qiu
Managing Director, Sky9 Capital

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He is both a seasoned venture capitalist and an experienced technology entrepreneur and executive. Previously, Jonathan was Managing Director and Head of the Investment Committee of Decent Capital, a seed-stage venture fund founded by Tencent co-founder Jason Zeng. In Decent, Jonathan led investments in Huizuche, Jimu Travel, Shenzhourong, Haostay, Maimairen, Angel Club,and WigWag, among others, and was deeply involved in other investments such as FangDuoDuo, JinFuZi, and Com4Loves. Previously, Jonathan was a co-founder of Circlemo, a professional mobile social network star invested by Decent. Prior to that, Jonathan was Chief Architect and Director of Network Infrastructure Services at Tencent where he spearheaded Tencent’s cloud computing initiatives and founded Tencent Networking Labs. Prior to Tencent, Jonathan worked in for 12 years in Silicon Valley, USA., assuming various senior management positions at Brocade Communications and Cisco Systems. Jonathan holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Beijing University and a M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Southern California.

Brad Bao
Managing Director, Kinzon Capital

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Brad Bao currently serves as the Managing Director of Kinzon Capital (Fosun Group), a cross-border fund that investing in early stage technology companies in both US and China, focusing on mobile and internet related investments. Believing in the synergy between the two largest market and innovation of US and China, Kinzon Capital is positioned to bridge the gap and bring them together.

Prior to joining Kinzon Capital, Brad served as the General Manager of Tencent America, and VP of BD of Tencent Games for over 8 years, during that time Brad built the Tencent US branch from scratch, and was responsible for the overall P&L including investments, strategy, globalization, BD, and overall operation. He led and participated in investments including Hi-Rez, Fireforge, Zam, and more, and served as board member of several.

Brad obtained bachelor degree in International Marketing from Wuhan University, and received his MBA from Haas School of Business, UC-Berkeley in 2005.

Raymond Yang
Co-Founder & Managing Partner, WestSummit Capital

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Raymond is Co-Founder and Managing Partner of WestSummit Capital, a leading global technology growth capital firm focused on helping high growth technology companies access the China market.

Raymond has more than 25 years of investment and entrepreneurial experience in the US and China technology sector. Prior, Raymond was Founding Partner of Taishan Invest, the leading institutional angel fund in China. Earlier, he was also Managing Partner at Navi Capital Partners and a Venture Partner at Northern Light Venture Capital.

Prior, Raymond was the CEO of Linktone (NASDAQ: LTON), the leading wireless value-added services provider in China, where he led the company through a turnaround situation and took the company public on NASDAQ in 2004. Before Linktone, Raymond was a senior executive and entrepreneur at several high-technology companies in Silicon Valley and China, including Founder and CEO of RivalWatch and Founder and CEO of Saratoga Technology.

Raymond is a Delegate Member of the World Economic Forum Davos Global Agenda Council and a former Chairman of the prestigious Tsinghua University Entrepreneur and Executive Club (TEEC).

Raymond serves on the Board of Directors for WSC portfolio companies Unity Technologies and Couchbase, Board Observer for Ninebot Segway, served as a former Board member for Maginatics (acquired by EMC in 2014), and co-led WestSummit’s investment in Twitch Interactive, Inc (acquired by in 2014).

Raymond holds a Bachelors from Tsinghua University and a Masters from the Graduate School of China EPRI.

Yong Liu
Partner, WI Harper Group, Angel Investor

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Dr. Yong Liu is partner of WI Harper Group, a SF based early to expansion stage venture capital firm. Previously he was head of Lenovo and Baidu open innovation efforts in the US, including strategic investment and partnerships, and an advisor to Legend Star and Cybernaut’s SV operation. He served as a key contributor in several cross-border M&A deals including Lenovo-Moto acquisition. He co-founded Lenovo LeFund in 2010, which was recognized as China top 10 angel funds by Zero2IPO in 2014.

In his earlier career Dr. Liu served Samsung Electronics SV R&D center, co-founded, and was an active business writer. He sits on the review committee/advisory board of multiple government funds and entrepreneurial programs in China and US. Dr. Liu holds a B.S. and a M.S. in Computer Science from Nanjing University, and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Indiana University Bloomington. He is currently VP and board member of Nanjing University Alumni Association San Francisco Bay Area.

Lu Zhang
Founding and Managing Partner, NewGen Capital

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Lu Zhang is the Founding and Managing Partner of NewGen Capital. Prior to starting NewGen, she was a Venture Partner at Fenox Venture Capital. She participated in over 20 investments and assisted fundraising in Asia. Lu was also the Founder and CEO of Acetone Inc. (acquired 2012), a start-up focused on developing device technology for the early diagnosis of Type II diabetes. She has also worked as a consultant at the United Nations Industrial Development Agency and was the former head of International Student Entrepreneurs Union in China. Lu received her M.S. in Materials Science and Engineering from Stanford University and holds over a dozen patents. Lu is frequently invited to speak at events and be advisors to the innovation programs.

John Sun
Partner, Signularity Venture Partners

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John Sun is an experienced investment professional who has led 25+ investments with $600+ million capital deployed in the past 10 years, served on boards of more than 15 companies and presided over multiple IPOs and trade sales in US and Hong Kong stock exchanges

Mr. Sun joined New Horizon Capital in 2007, and was the fund’s Managing Partner and Head of TMT investments in 2016; Mr. Sun was an Investment Officer at International Finance Corporation of the World Bank Group from 2006 to 2007, responsible for TMT investment in China; before that, Mr. Sun was a Strategy Manager, Communication and High Tech Operating Group at Accenture.

MBA from Kellogg School of Management of Northwestern University
M.S. from New York University
Undergraduate education of the Juvenile Class of University of Science and Technology of China

Tao Wang
Director, SAIC USA

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Dr. Wang joined SAIC Capital in 2016 and has over 20 years of experience in M&A, investments, strategy, corporate operation, business development, and technology development. His career experience spans all segments of the technology industry (communications, software, mobile, Internet, and services) and M&A transactions from successful stars to large enterprise corporations.

Prior to joining SAIC, Dr. Wang worked as an executive in Cisco, UTStarcom, GRIC Communications, InnoPath Software, and IA Corporation. He held key leadership positions at three stars (IA Corporation, GRIC Communications, and UTStarcom) that went to IPO and two stars that were successfully merged with pre IPO companies.

He holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Syracuse University.

Yi Zhao
Chief Executive Officer, Westlake Ventures LLC

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General Manager of Hangzhou High Tech Investment Management Limited Incorporation/ Chief Executive Officer of Westlake Ventures LLC/Partner of Westlake Ventures Capital Holding LLC

Over 15 years of working experience in Start-up Investment and Angel Fund, successfully leading high tech stars including Kangsheng Shares
(SZ:002418) and many other stars going IPO or being acquired

Establish and operate the first official FOF; primarily invest over 40 VC and Angel Funds over 6 billion Yuan

Establish the first overseas guide fund; invest five overseas guide fund over 300 million dollars

Zhejiang University Bachelor of Engineering in Management, MBA

Henry Shi
Chairman & Managing Partner, Redstone Venture Capital

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Chairman/Managing Partner of Redstone Venture Capital, an incubation type value-added VC fund targeting early stage TMT companies with destructive technologies/business models especially in big data, mobile Internet, cloud computing, O2O e-commerce; 27 years of rich experience with technology innovations, US/China corporate management, successful start-ups, and investment from angel to pre-IPO. Unparalleled values of Redstone: team of industry veterans from Bell Labs/Tencent/Alibaba with profound experience of technologies/business models/management, track record of investment achieving higher success rate by hands-on coaching/incubating with products and market, abundant industry resources, especially Chinese cell phone/equipment makers, carriers, and Internet companies, as well as valuable fund investors who are successful business founders and executives from Intel, Alcatel-Lucent, Microsoft, etc.

Current Activities: advisor/adjunct professor of EMBA program at BUPT (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications) – alma mater of executives of telecom carriers and Internet/equipment/cell-phone firms; VP and Secretary General of Entrepreneur Association of WRSA (members include CEOs of Baidu, USB China,; Angel Investor 100 of Zhongguancun; mentor/judge of Entrepreneurship Center at Columbia University Business School, China’s State Entrepreneurship Promotion Program, Microsoft’s Entrepreneurship Cloud Accelerator, China Telecom’s Innovation/Incubation Center, Silicon Valley Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum, and many business plan/entrepreneurship competitions; frequent VIP speaker at major wireless/Internet summits and EMBA programs of top institutions such as BUPT/Peking University/Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Past Experience: partner of Greenwoods (PE/VC w/25B RMB/100M USD, several IPO filed recent years; member of Decision Committee and Managing Committee, lead TMT team and 2 fund raising,); partner of Jingtu(seed stage VC,well known records in China’s mobile industry); CEO of Holley Comm (cell-phone/chip firm acquired from Phillips, led China’s earliest CDMA team and won Outstanding Asian in Business Award); board member of Zongyi (public firm; invested in NandaSoft that went IPO in HK and Longxin, China’s leading CPU firm); founder/angel investor of Virtual Avenue (Internet start-up, acquired by Paul Allen’s public company); product manager at Bell Labs/Lucent(led 3 key projects and contributed to IEEE standards; research scientist at Columbia(invited by Nobel Laureate Prof. T.D. Lee) and Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Past Activities: advisor of Gerson Lehrman Group, Executive Committee Chairman of TD-SCDMA Industrial Alliance (TD is an international wireless standard), EVP of China Business Angel Association (organized World Business Angel Association’s first global conference), visiting research fellow of Chinese Academy of Sciences, expert consultant of Ministry of Science & Technology of China and The United Nations, and president of CAST-USA, an influential Chinese science and technology organization. A report of Henry was published in The Mirror Post with English version to be compiled into “Chinese Elites”, a book about overseas Chinese including 2 Noble Laureates.

Education: Ph.D./M.Phil Electrical Engineering from Columbia University, M.S. Computer Engineering from Chinese Academy of Sciences, B.S. Computer Science (GPA4.0 with Graduate Medal) from Beijing Jiaotong University, EMBA certificate from Northeastern University.

Hong (Henry) Xue
Partner, Cybernaut Investment

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Hong (Henry) Xue is a partner of Cybernaut Investment in Silicon Valley. He leads the practice of early stage investment and merge & acquisition initiatives in Silicon Valley and Israel for Cybernaut. His investment focuses including big data and cloud technologies; cyber security; FinTech; productivity-based applications and digital healthcare. He has more than 20 years of experience across engineering, product management, business development, and venture capital investment. He holds mentor and advisors positions for multiple start-up companies in Silicon Valley. His earlier professional experience includes technology management position in companies such as Motorola and Oracle. He obtained his M.S. degree from Carnegie Mellon University and his B. S. EE in China.

Langtao Hu
Founding Partner, SUVC

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Mr. Langtao Hu has participated in a number of successful investments, including Blue Don, Ciwen, Ocelltech and more. He has served in a number of listed companies. He was board member of Blue Don, the chairman of Ciwen’s Board of advisors, the advisor for Zhongqingbaowang Networks, and board member of Ocelltech. He has extensive knowledge in managing a company, investments and shares and capital operation, and profound resources in high tech and the information industry.

Zhiyi Huang
Co-Founder, Sino-US Capital

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Zhiyi Huang graduated from United Kingdom Lancaster University, and obtained Master of Science in information management. He used to work at Retail Banking Department of China Citic Bank and Standard Chartered Bank. Mr. Huang was also a successful entrepreneur. During his professional career, he participated in several investment projects, fund management, and marketing, and took the charge of complete investment for Private Equity Fund for many times. He accumulates plentiful investing experience in the field of Angel Investment and Venture Investment. Mr. Huang has deep and thorough understanding of business strategy, marketing, capital operation and risk control. His investment covers diverse industries including TMT, Medical technology and Biotechnology, etc. Mr. Huang has vast networking and industry resources in the field of Internet Industry.

Connie Sheng
Founding managing partner, Nautilus Venture Partners

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Connie Sheng is the founding managing partner of Nautilus Venture Partners, a Silicon Valley venture capital fund focusing on early stage investments in the areas of IoT, Smart Machines, and AI. Connie is also a member of Silicon Valley China Angel and CFO of Silicon Valley Association of Industrial Innovations. Connie currently sits on the board of DriveScale. MasterImage 3D and Nod Labs Inc. Previously, Connie was the managing director of Global Investment at Foxconn since 2007, and worked in various roles in R&D, marketing and sales management at HP Inkjet imaging and Printing, Computing, and Enterprise System business groups for over 7 years.

Kelvin Chan
Managing Director, East West Bank

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Mr. Chan, Managing Director, has over 16 years of technology lending experience. He joined East West Bank in 2006 as the Founding Manager for the Bank’s Technology Banking Group. Under his leadership and the Bank’s “Bridge Capabilities” in offering cross border financing, Mr. Chan has successfully built a well diversified technology loan portfolio from ground zero with profitability achievement at the first year of operations. By applying his extensive knowledge of the emerging technology industry, venture capital, corporate finance, due diligence and banking industries, he has provided more than $350 million in debt financing to over 70 hi-tech companies over the past seven years with East West Bank.

Prior to joining East West Bank, he was the founding member of the Technology Banking Group of United Commercial Bank and was instrumental to grow the commercial banking practice there. His career also included lending positions at Silicon Valley Bank, Sumitomo Bank Ltd. and Wells Fargo Bank.

Mr. Chan received his BA in Business Administration from UC Berkeley Haas School of Business.

Kelvin’s Key Responsibilities:

Spearhead to grow and further develop EWB’s cross border financing solutions via leveraging EWB’s unique cross border lending platform and RMB banking license in China and Hong Kong.
Be one of the key members at the Bank to expand these cross border lending practices. Cross border financing could be used for i. Shares Buy-Back, ii. Making Acquisitions of US Companies and iii. Making Investment in US Companies.
Solidify relationships with US and China VC & PE firms as well as technology companies with operations in both sides of Pacific.
Build up the Bank’s brand awareness in the VC, PE and Technology communities in both US and China.
Provide beyond banking services by matching our clients/partners’ business interests with EWB’s extensive connections/networks in US and Greater China regions.
Has the ability to leverage internal and external partner opportunities to facilitate collaboration and optimize business results.

Han Shen
Partner, Formation 8

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Han Shen is a Partner at Formation 8, a Silicon Valley based venture capital firm with additional offices in China, South Korea, and Singapore. With $950m AUM, Formation 8 has supported visionary entrepreneurs who seek to transform industries in the global context. Select portfolio companies include Oculus (acquired by Facebook), RelateIQ (acquired by, Illumio, Oscar, Radius, Wish, Grabit, and Lucid. At Formation 8, Han has led investments across multiple spaces including smart hardware, robotics, IoT, connected cars, and “-1 through 9”. Besides serving on the board of several fast-growing companies, Han has advised entrepreneurs in the Bay Area and lectured at Wharton and Stanford. Han holds his MBA from Wharton, Ph.D. from U Chicago, and a Private Pilot License issued by the FAA.

Shirley Lin
VP of Business Development, APAC, Nexway

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A seasoned executive previously as founder of, VP Global BD @YeahMobi, VP BD @iConsole.os, Executive VP @Beintoo, with focus on mobile AdTech for gaming, monetization, user acquisition and investment. She is a serial entrepreneur, an advisor to stars and a frequent speaker/judge in international conferences. With deep connections in Silicon Valley, Europe and China, she specializes in global operations, building strategic partnership and corporate investment cross the border. She started her career as an aerospace programmer on the Space Shuttle program at NASA, Texas. She earned Master’s Degree in CS with minor in Math and Stat from Texas A&M.

Nexway is the leading provider of CROSS-DEVICE DIGITAL COMMERCE PLATFORM providing e-Commerce multi-level solutions for game publishers and online retailers of digital content by developing your traffic, distribution and brand awareness. It is headquarter’ed in France with offices in San Francisco, Frankfurt, Milan, Madrid and Luxembourg.

Alan Chen
Founding Partner, Essence Associates LLC

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Dr. Chen is the Founding Partner of Essence Associates LLC, which was established in Silicon Valley in March 2016. Essence Associates provides business consulting and M&A advisory to technology companies in North America and Europe. Prior to this job, Dr. Chen was CEO of Perfect World Entertainment Inc., the subsidiary of Perfect World in North America and Europe. During the tenure of seven years, Dr. Chen grew the business quickly and made Perfect World number one in exporting online game business to the West among Chinese competition. He also served The 9 Ltd. as CTO before joining Perfect World. Prior to entering the video game business, Dr. Chen had held a number of executive positions at multinational corporations, including VP of Enterprise Server & Storage at HP China, VP of Professional Services at Lucent Technologies China, and GM of Carrier Packet Solutions at Nortel China and Nortel Canada. Dr. Chen received the B.Eng. and M.Eng. degrees from Beijing University of Posts & Telecommunications, and the Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from The University of Ottawa, Canada.

Scott Armanini
Global Lead of Open Innovation, Accenture Ventures

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Scott Armanini is a Silicon Valley veteran who has held sales and business development positions at AT&T, Cisco Systems, HP Software, Microsoft (where he co-founded Avanade ( — a game-changing $B joint venture with Accenture) — and two Open Innovation pioneers: LaunchPad Central (business model innovation software) and RocketSpace (enterprise innovation services).

As Global Lead, Open Innovation, at Accenture Ventures, Scott helps Accenture’s clients harness the power of Open Innovation to solve critical business challenges and create new revenue streams. In addition to being a member of Peter Diamandis’ Abundance 360 Community, Scott has served as an advisor to Accenture’s 2014 Technology Forecast; the G20’s Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance Summit; Silicon Valley Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum (SVIEF); as an Entrepreneurship’ and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Instructor for UC Berkeley Extension’s International Diploma Program. Scott is also an angel investor and advisor to early stage stars, companies in transition, global brands and governments on topics including disruptive innovation, entrepreneurship, marketing & sales, and relationship acceleration & expansion.

Jay Onda
Partner and Director, Strategic Investments

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Jay Onda is an active mentor and advisor to entrepreneurial teams, both inside large corporations and for various start up accelerators around the world. He speaks internationally on corporate innovation and corporate venture capital.

Jay was a founding member of Yamaha Motor Ventures & Laboratory Silicon Valley (YMVSV) where he served as Partner and Director of Strategic Investments. Prior to joining YMVSV, Jay was a Principal at NTT DOCOMO Capital where he managed early stage investment opportunities, due diligence, strategic business relationships with promising stars. Earlier in his career Jay served as a UI/UX designer, engineer, and product manager. He has maintained a focus on user-centric design.

Alex Wang
Partner, Skywood Capital

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Skywood Capital is a cross-border VC fund with both fund and team based in Silicon Valley and China to support and accelerate global team’s innovation in US, China and global market. The fund invest primarily in early stage and growth stage companies with excellent team and vision, disruptive technology or business model, targeting scalable and big market.

Sue Xu
Partner, Amino Capital

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Dr. Sue Xu is Partner at Amino Capital (aka zPark Capital), and her focus areas of investment include data-driven healthcare IT, consumer software and hardware, drones, and enterprise services. She sits on the Board of Directors of YONO Health, and was interim CEO of CandyHouse and CFLD Innovation Center (SHENGHAI:600340). Since 2012, she has involved with more than 80 investments, such as Assemblage (acquired by Cisco – NYSE: CSCO), Orbeus (acquired by Amazon – NYSE: AMZN), Skycatch, and currently providing advisory to a number of fast growing portfolio stars, such as Skuchain, Koinify, Yttro, Mage, Sherpa and Dr. Sue Xu began her early stage entrepreneurship when she was the founding scientist of GlycoMira (also involved in undergrad and Ph.D laboratory spin-offs). She has three patents and over 20 journal publications, and previously a Postdoc fellow at Stanford University.

Diane Ding
Partner, Shenzhen Valley Ventures(

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She is the partner of Shenzhen Valley Ventures(, an investment group that provide manufacturing resources and investment for hardware stars, she is in charge of SVV’s U.S. operation. She is also the China partner of Founder Institute, world biggest star accelerator and entrepreneur training program. Before that she founded Angelhere, a cross border angel investment platform, now evolved into a seed stage accelerator and angel fund in multiple cities in China.