About SVIEF-Star

SVIEF-STAR is an investment and innovation platform based in Silicon Valley, with the mission to support the development of startups and venture capitals from all over the world and propels them to register a global impact.

Since 2011, SVIEF-STAR has organized 100+ roadshows . A total of 8 pitch sessions have been held in 2018. Over 1000 quality projects have been selected to pitch during the roadshows and 300+ high profile investors have involved. Most of the projects found funding opportunities through these session. SVIEF-Star Startup Competition is held quarterly each year and 30+ competitions have been held since 2011. The competition gathers startups from the most cutting-edge industries. Top 30 Startups are selected by the judge committee to compete for the annual SVIEF STAR Startup Award. SVIEF-STAR partners with leading investment institutions, local incubators and accelerators and specialists’ teams to help startups grow and succeed during their early stage.

SVIEF STAR focuses its practice on providing services including Investment Consulting, Connecting startups with an extended network of experts, early adopters, and customers; Marketing & PR; Mentor Matchmaking; Event Organizing and Deal Sourcing & Screening.