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SVIEF 2017 Silicon Valley Smart Future Summit

Date: 01/09/2017 Venue: Santa Clara Convention Center

SVIEF 2017 Silicon Valley Smart Future Summit is organized by SVIEF (Silicon Valley Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum), which is an international conference designed to foster innovation and promote business partnerships connecting US and Asia-Pacific region. The Summit includes two parts: Smart Future keynotes and panel discussions, and SVIEF-Star Demos. It is designed to be a venue to discuss and draw attention to the rapidly growing smart future technology movement. During the Summit, you will experience first-hand demos of next-generation applications run on this new network. Learn from engaging keynotes, tech presentations, and panel discussions lead by visionaries in the field. Hear from community leaders highlighting recent case studies, success stories, and best practices to improve your group’s next-generation technology initiatives. The Summit has been carefully designed to offer value to all experience levels, from students to investors, senior researchers, software architects, network engineers and senior management. We look forward to having you join for this exciting event.

The 6th SVIEF Startup Final Contest (SVIEF)

Date: 10/01/2016 Venue: Santa Clara Convention Center

“SVIEF Star” Startup Contest, as an important part of SVIEF (Silicon Valley Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum), provides a high-quality platform for startups to showcase their projects and learn from each other. Based in Silicon Valley, we are dedicated to building an ecosystem where startups can develop in all aspects and attract talents and capital from all over the world.

SVIEF 2016 Smart Device Summit

Date: 01/09/2016 Venue: Santa Clara Convention Center (Theater)

SVIEF Smart Device Summit is organized by SVIEF (Silicon Valley Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum) which is an international conference designed to foster innovation and promote business partnerships connecting US and Asia-Pacific region. The summit includes two parts: Smart Device Forums and SVIEF-Star Demos. It is designed to be a venue to discuss and draw attention to the rapidly growing Smart Device movement. The Summit will be providing friendly forums to be as inclusive as possible. Speakers include world renowned leaders from industry, academia, and the maker community. Talks cover a wide range such as hardware entrepreneurship and investment. Project Demos are related to fields like digital fabrication, fashion technology, self-quantification devices, etc.

2015 Dark Horse-SVIEF New Material & Healthcare Startup Contest (SV)

Date: 09/12/2015 Venue: Sofia University

The contest is opened to ALL future entrepreneurs and startup CEO’s whose business models and technologies are applicable to the market in U.S. Please choose one of the following business sectors:Healthcare - Startups established on technologies and services for diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases; unique services for healthcare delivery and new technologies for data analytics in the healthcare market. Advanced Materials – Chemical, mechanical, optical, acoustical or any type of advanced material solution providing startups

The Dark Horse Series and the 5th SVIEF Start-up Summer Contest

Date: 06/06/2015 Venue: Sofia University

The Founders Media, the SVIEF Startup Contest and Zhoushan Talent Management Office would join together to initiate and organize the Dark Horse Competition’s Global Marine Economy Entrepreneurship Silicon Valley Preliminary and the Fifth SVIEF Startup Contest Summer Session. This competition invites projects in various industries within a global view. Marine economy and Internet of Things are the featured fields in this event. We sincerely invite you to sign up and apply, get connections to the most high-end investment resources.

2015 5th SVIEF Start-up Spring Contest

Date: 03/07/2015 Venue: Sofia University

SVIEF Start-up Contest is a chapter of Silicon Valley Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum (SVIEF) annual conference. Its main purpose is to cater to the needs of the rising start-up business.

Meet the Pioneers of High-tech Innovation

(Contact to learn more these startups)


DynoSense is an innovative provider of health assessment and management solutions founded in 2013 by a successful high-tech veteran with a mission to bring comprehensive life changing products to radically improve the health outcomes. DynoSense aims to be at the forefront of delivering quality driven health care services by providing effective health assessment and management solutions for population in a market size of over $100 billion+ spanning across multiple segments. (For more information, visit here)


Humtap enables real-time music creation and sharing for everyone on-the-fly, by dismantling limiting music creation to musicians. Humtap technology breaks down the divide between music listening and music creation. It is driven by the human voice and augmented with artificial intelligence and algorithmic composition, on the cloud and mobile. (For more information, visit here)


TeselaGen provides a revolutionary DNA design and assembly protocol generation service decoupling DNA design from any underlying assembly method, providing the most advanced bioCAD/CAM system available. Their customers are biopharmaceutical and bio-industrial companies like Amgen and Genomatica. Their bioCAD/CAM system is based on technology exclusively licensed from Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and is being beta tested by hundreds of users. (For more information, visit here )

TeselaGen Biotechnology

Portfolio Pilot is the world’s first active Robo-advisor. They are a fin-tech company with a SaaS platform for advisors and individual investors. Through their platform, financial advisors will be better able to fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities to clients while investors will have access to validated strategies that historically have only been available through hedge fund and private bank channels. (For more information, visit here)

Portfolio Pilot

AEE’s Autonomous and Intelligent Machine Control (AIMC) system can plug into an existing machine and convert it into a fully autonomous and smart robot that delivers self-driving and navigation, accurate operating control, real-time 3D data-based mission planning and many other features and capabilities. The cloud-based command center utilizes advanced big data analysis and machine learning technology to achieve further project-level automation and optimization. (For more information, visit here)


YONO Labs empowers people with solid data about their health. YONO’s first product is the revolutionary fertility in-ear wearable. YONO was featured on Good Morning America and named one of CNN Money’s Coolest Gadgets of 2015. YONO will, in the future, continue to offer new, cutting edge innovations with its small earbud, including body temperature monitoring, heart rate data tracking, ovulation detection and sleep quality analysis. (For more information, visit here)


PhysioCue is a digital health device company that has developed anti-hypertensive and migraine/headache medical devices which have been clinically proven to immediately reduce the high blood pressure of hypertensive patients and shown to relieve migraine/headache pain. PhysioCue therapy is efficient, safe, easy to use. PhysioCue is also developing a wearable mobile health device. (For more information, visit here)


Founded in 2015, Sprimo Labs, Inc. is dedicated to providing the purest and freshest quality air in personal spaces and is aimed at improving your overall well-being. Flagship product Sprimo is the “go-to” product for people who want the best quality air in the personal spaces where they work, play and sleep. As the world’s smartest air purifier, Sprimo is portable, lightweight, nearly silent and adapts based on people’s needs. (For more information, visit here)

Sprimo Labs

Inboard is the creator of the M1™: The world's first skateboard with motors inside the wheels. Through the concentrated and collaborative efforts of designers, engineers, and athletes. Inboard is able to manifest streamlined, seamless, and integrated hardware products. Inboard is the first brand to vertically integrate its entire hardware design including drivetrain, electronics, and battery. Inboard seeks to create lightweight, high-performance transportation technology that flows. (For more information, visit here)

Inboard Technology

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