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Angee is the automated home protection solution that respects your privacy. She protects those you love without you having to think about it.

Angee is launching into the US market 'Automated Home Protection that respects your privacy’, which is bringing complete, easy-to-use solution which combines smart hardware, cloud and services to address growing demand for Smart Security Solutions for the Households. The solution was successfully backed on Kickstarter generating over 1,300+ customers. The company has offices in Palo Alto, USA, London, UK, R&D in Prague, Czech Republic and Sourcing & Manufacturing in Shenzhen, China.

Angee has been recently selected as the finalist for Startup World Cup! (

Angee是尊重您隐私的自动化家庭保护解决方案。Angee将进入“重视隐私的自动化家庭保护”美国市场,带来完整且易于使用的解决方案。该解决方案结合了智能硬件、云和服务,以满足日益增长的对家庭智能安全的需求。 Angee在kickstarter上获得了超过1,300多家客户。 该公司在美国Palo Alto和英国伦敦设有办事处,并有驻捷克布拉格的研发中心和中国深圳的采购与制造公司。Angee最近进入了Startup World Cup的决赛。(。

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