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HooFoo is the first app & hardware combination wallet that balances security and simplicity for your cryptocurrency transactions and storage. HooFoo secures the private key and signs the transaction offline, completely isolating the signing step from the network, making it impossible to hack.

The recent numerous bitcoin exchange hacks compelled us to invent a safer cold storage bitcoin wallet for Cryptocurrency owners. Unlike other cool storage wallets, HooFoo is the most game-changing device ever invented for the Cryptocurrency world. It is a hack-proof hardware wallet that pairs up with your smartphone via encrypted QR code to securely store your currency and let your transactions happen in a safe environment.For traditional wallets, you need a laptop, a USB connected wallet, USB cable, an adapter, and a Wi-Fi connection to make the transaction happen.

The average transaction time spent using hardware wallets is about 6 minutes, which leaves a window of time for malware injection. That will put your private key under potential exposure.With HooFoo, all you need is HooFoo wallet and your phone. HooFoo lets you safely transfer anywhere anytime. You do not need to carry a heavy laptop or access to Wi-Fi. It takes only seconds to finish a complete offline transaction in a fully secured environment which totally avoids weak links.The HooFoo team truly wants to create a wallet that provides the best security for your coins and a smooth user experience. In addition, we have managed to wrap the function and concept with a sense of style.


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