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LucidCam is the first product from Lucid VR. It is a ultra portable, point and shoot VR camera designed for everyday users and professional photographers alike. It is a VR camera for the masses.

Most 2D cameras capture imagery with a 70-degree field of view. Most VR cameras capture 360-degree images. LucidCam takes still and records 4K 3D VR videos as your eye sees them -- with a 180-degree vertical and horizontal field of view. That not only provides a highly immersive image -- it helps consumers capture, create and share life’s amazing experiences just as they remember them. With depth. With sound. With immersive, 180-degree clarity.

The LucidCam is operating by a mobile app, which serves as a remote control. Users can one-click remotely switch the camera on and off, start and end recording. They can also preview the scene before shooting or can easily view and manage the media library after shooting.

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