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Features to be delivered:VSLAM,Memory Based Learning,Pure Common Sense Learning,Object Learning and Avoidance,Obstacle Avoidance/Drive Around,Use AI to Train AI,Peer-to-peer training /execution,Dynamic Moving Object real-time “follow-me”

Main thesis : modern neural network algorithms are primarily based on physical attribute grid analysis, this is influenced by Marvin Minsk’s / Rodney brooks et al. We are proposing a different paradigm: the “Intangibility Theorem” in that , Human intellectuality and informational decision making process are not always or in need of physical tangibility , why most people choose not to play Russian roulette ? Because it’s humanly perceived preemption that it’s inherently dangerous and risky. But how does a robot know that ? In other words , how do you “ teach “ a robot to perceive “ danger “? Further process “ risk “, and then make a decision to buy or not buy insurance for “him/herself “? How do we humans know ?

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    Neuron Drop

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