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ONO developed a system that allows you to print 3D parts using technology available in all smartphones. ONO resins harden under visible light (not ultraviolet light like other resin printers), which makes it possible to use light from your smartphone screen to harden the resin into the shapes you want.

You select a model from the library built into the app. These models are uploaded by ONO or by other users, so it will be continually growing. Then, you scan the QR code on the resin bottle, which allows the system to automatically set the optimal parameters for that particular resin. Once you have set the dimensions and how many copies of the models you want to print, the file is prepared on our cloud servers and the printing file is sent back to the phone. You then connect the phone to the printer, pour in the resin, and close the top. The platform inside the printer descends into the resin just above the phone screen. The phone then shows the first layer of the print as a white on black image, which hardens the resin onto the plate. The phones shows cycles through the images, while the platform moves up between each image, creating the layers that make up the part. Once the print is done, the build plate slides off for easy part detachment and cleaning. Unused resin can be reused in future prints by pouring it back into the bottle with the included funnel.

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