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To Futurist, globally-minded parents of inter-planetary generation kids (ages 10-18) applying to become change building Skyentist Citizens from Earth, who create shared family moments of empowered discovery together

ROBOTERRA SKYENTIST GIRAFFE is the BRAND OF Curiosity Actualized, a step-by-step scientific education process daring kids to build space discovery tools that hands-on answer their most out-of-this-world questions so they can share their findings to collaborate discoveries with other kids galaxy-wide on Earth, Moon, Mars and beyond

COMPETING MAINLY WITH obsolete, compartmentalized learning that is boring and patronizing, constrains the imagination into small-mindedness and revokes kids rights as global citizen scientists to create, build and discover answers together to their most burning curious questions like XXX BRAND

THAT introduces and hones in kids’ Curiosity, Creation & Collaboration Skillsets, increasing proficiency and aptitude for their futures in intergalactic exploration

BECAUSE ROBOTERRA SKYENTIST GIRAFFE is a system of Curiosity Skillbuilding, featuring a sky-exploring Robot that kids construct and program, interacting directly with space, stars, planets through guided curriculum on award-winning CastleRock software, sharing and discovering together with other citizen Skyentist students in our solar system through the LetsRobot platform.

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