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RoWrite brings the traditional notepad into the digital age to capture ideas, notes, and drawings. Handwritten notes and sketches are saved on paper, and as digital Pages. Everything in one place, for editing or sharing when connected to a device with the free RoWrite app. To edit in real-time, pair a device with the app and select from different writing instruments, stroke thickness, and ink color. RoWrite even captures your work in a video so you can review in the app, or save as an MP4 and share with others. And, with a single touch, Convert to Text transforms handwritten notes to edited text for use in word processors. Using regular ink, RoWrite’s pen and the A5 standard paper notepads, deliver a natural and realistic writing experience. Royole’s advanced flexible sensor technology and the pen’s pressure sensitive electronics capture every detail with pinpoint accuracy. RoWrite’s battery provides hours of continuous writing, while the included cloth folio is elegant and functional.

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