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Jack McCauley
Founder & President, McCauley Labs; Co-founder, Oculus VR

To call Jack McCauley a builder is an understatement. The inventor has had a fascination with machines and engineering since early childhood, even earning $1,000 in savings bonds from Tinker Toys as a 9-year-old in honor of his earliest inventions. That tinkering instinct has served Jack well through a storied career spanning several disciplines and industries in the technology arena. Jack’s technical genius has permeated consumers’ everyday lives and some creations are synonymous with popular entertainment. He’s best known for inventing the first scrolling feature of the computer mouse and for engineering the controllers for the revolutionary Guitar Hero video game series which ignited the multi-billion dollar music rhythm games genre. Jack later joined forces with Palmer Luckey as Co-Founder and Chief Engineer at Oculus VR to create the Oculus Rift, a consumer virtual reality head-mounted display. Jack is credited with designing the DK1 and DK2 for developers. In addition, he was one of the originators of the universal serial bus (USB) port standard for computer peripherals. As an expert in microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), Jack pioneered use of MEMS technology in gaming. His ingenuity has been recognized with industry accolades including the prestigious Red Dot design. Currently the Founder and President of McCauley Labs, an incubator that brings clients’ ideas to the mass market, Jack applies his innate ability to recognize the potential of new concepts and seamlessly adapts designs to cultural preferences and practices. He built McCauley Labs on the principle of mentoring for success to guide and empower innovators to realize their vision. Jack teaches Design Innovation at U.C. Berkeley’s recently unveiled Jacobs Hall. He’s proud to be able to inspire new generations of engineering students at his alma mater.