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BloomSky is a global network of smart weather camera stations. The network provide real-time, situational awareness of the weather at a highly-granular level. The weather stations transmit highly-accurate temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, UV, wind speed, wind direction and rainfall data accompanied with HD images of the sky. An image of the sky in each location puts the conditions in context as opposed to simply providing numerical weather data. The images give a better understanding of weather conditions and furthers the viewer’s physical and emotional connection to the weather.There are three core components to the BloomSky product; hardware, software and data — all smartly connected to integrate into the overall ecosystem of the vastly growing IoT economy. BloomSky aims to enhance the way people consume weather information. Our hyperlocal network collects and reports accurate weather information in real-time. By crowdsourcing local weather conditions, it enables you to view, observe, share and exchange information in real-time at locations that matter most. Our community of user interaction contributes accurate, on demand weather information that impacts lifestyles, jobs and activities.You can access live weather reporting, real-time pictures, time-lapses, and forecasts from BloomSky weather camera stations around the world. Sun, rain, clouds, fog, and storms – all clearly visible from a network of local stations, giving you a comprehensive understanding of the weather conditions at the hyperlocal level when it matters most to you.